2021 Rainbow Book List

We’re thrilled that three Macmillan titles were selected for this year’s Rainbow Book List!

by Melissa Bashardoust
Ages 12-18

Cursed before she was even born, Soraya must live her life secluded from society. On a quest for the cure that would free her, and save her kingdom, she must choose who to trust, and who to betray—and decide if she is the monster she has always feared she would become. Inspired by fairy tales, and Persian myths and traditions, Soraya’s story reminds readers that monsters and heroes aren’t always as they appear.

by Sophie Gonzales
Ages 13-18

In this boy-meets-boy spin on Grease, Will and Ollie’s dreamy summer fling ends in uncertainty–just in time for Ollie to move across the country and start attending the same high school as Will. Will’s not out to his family and friends, but still has feelings for Ollie, who must decide whether or not to trust Will with his heart again.

by Adiba Jaigirdar
Ages 14+

When Bengali-Irish teen Nishat comes out to her Muslim parents, she is met with an insistence that she can chose to be straight. Feeling rejected at home and at school for being one of the few students of color, Nishat is determined to win a school business competition by promoting her family heritage through henna, but her love interest turns nemesis when she decides to open a henna business as well.

The Rainbow Book List, now in its 14th year, is an annual annotated bibliography consisting of quality LGBTQIA+ literature intended for readers from birth to age 18. This resource guide is meant to assist librarians, educators, parents, and others to ensure that everyone from babies and children to tweens and teens have access to selecting quality books with significant content regarding inclusion of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, and all that extends throughout the Rainbow spectrum.

Find the full list here.

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