Mac Lib From Home Round-Up (12/17/20)

Welcome to Mac Lib From Home, our fun-sized buzz series from our homes to yours!

12 people go from strangers to bystanders to allies after tragedy strikes on the longest day of the year in Sarah Moss’ SUMMERWATER.

Watch Talia’s full video here.

A ghostalker teen explores the shadowy magical underside of modern Edinburgh in T.L. Huchu’s THE LIBRARY OF THE DEAD.

Watch Amanda’s full video here.

Sparks fly between two teens as they grapple with grief, love, and the future in Ashley Schumacher’s unforgettable debut novel, AMELIA UNABRIDGED.

Watch Emily’s full video here.

Artificial intelligence tampers with love, sex, and the basis of artistic creation in a near-future Paris in Tatiana de Rosnay’s FLOWERS OF DARKNESS.

Watch Samantha’s full video here.

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