Thriller Thursday (12/17/20)

This thriller Thursday features a mysterious bioweapon whose victims develop a deadly touch, a dead body discovered the morning after Halloween, and an electrifying story of crime told through all the voices involved.

RED HANDS by Christopher Golden

“A car crashes into a small-town parade and a sick man emerges, instantly killing everyone he touches…The neck-whipping action and shifting points of view give the reader a wide-angle perspective on the complicated, terrifying situation, invoking maximum terror on every page.”–Booklist, starred review

THE WICKED HOUR: A Natalie Lockhart Novel by Alice Blanchard

“[T]his is an absorbing look at small-town politics and relationships set against the intrigue of a mysterious death. Jodi Picoult’s fans will be an apt audience for Blanchard’s chilling latest.”–Booklist

THE SYSTEM by Ryan Gattis

The harrowing story of a crime—from moments before the bullets are fired, to the verdict and its violent aftershocks—told through the vivid chorus of those involved, guilty, innocent, and everyone in between.

RED HANDS by Christopher Golden; available now.
THE WICKED HOUR: A Natalie Lockhart Novel by Alice Blanchard; 9781250205735; available now.
THE SYSTEM by Ryan Gattis; 9780374130312; available now.

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