Friendship and Family Stories (9/16/20)

Today we’re spotlighting stories of family and friendship with a transporting historical novel about two vastly different women thrown together and a captivating tale of love and discovery between two sisters.

THE GLASS HOUSE by Beatrice Colin

“Late Scottish writer Colin (TO CAPTURE WHAT WE CANNOT KEEP) highlights bonds between women in this alluring tale…Colin’s final work is a fine achievement.”–Publishers Weekly

A PALM BEACH SCANDAL by Susannah Marren

“After Elodie miscarries again and is told that another attempt at becoming pregnant isn’t wise, her husband presses her to ask her younger unmarried sister, Aubrey, rather than a nonfamily surrogate, to carry their baby…For readers who appreciate modern and sensitively written stories about family, especially sisters.”–Library Journal

THE GLASS HOUSE by Beatrice Colin; 9781250152503; available now.
A PALM BEACH SCANDAL by Susannah Marren; 9781250772756; available now.

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