Color with MacLib!

Collect all four coloring sheets and share your masterpieces with us using #MacLibColors on social media!

Coloring sheet #1: AMELIA UNABRIDGED (click to download)
Coloring sheet #2: SLINGSHOT (click to download)
Coloring sheet #3: TALES FROM THE HINTERLAND (click to download)
Coloring sheet #4: YOU HAVE A MATCH (click to download)

Click here to download all four!

3 thoughts on “Color with MacLib!

  1. When I was a high school librarian I had an “advisory” (homeroom with soft skills responsibilities) group. Some weeks we had no “curriculum” provided, but the kids were expected to do something productive for a half hour. During those weeks I set them up with online coloring pages. They had a blast (mentioned it as the best meeting of the year in the year-end survey) and engaged in very interesting casual conversations that were often educationally productive as well. Thank you for making it possible for colleagues to insert a book piece as well! I will be sharing the coloring pages (if okay) with the teachers and librarians in my Bureau for Education & Research seminars.

    1. Hi Catherine,

      Thank you for your comment! We’re so glad to hear that! Feel free to share these pages with anyone you think could use them.

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