Imprint Spotlight: Minotaur Books

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In today’s Imprint Spotlight, Minotaur Books (aka Our Favorite Publisher of Mysteries) Associate Director of Publicity Hector DeJean, offers us reading recs and an inventive new genre.

Hector DeJean [Associate Director, Publicity, Minotaur Books, St. Martin’s Publishing Group]

“‘Books that make your heart race’ is our slogan at Minotaur. We publish crime fiction, a little crime non-fiction, and tales of suspense in general. I promote books to the media, organize author tours, and generally hunt for new ways to get the word out about our books.”

Hector’s favorites:

“I’m going to get murdered for picking favorites, but personally I really like Olen Steinhauer’s books. I thought Paul Doiron’s THE POACHER’S SON was astounding. And recently, I was really impressed by Elsa Hart’s mystery CITY OF INK. THE RIGHT SORT OF MAN by Allison Montclaire is a mystery I would recommend to anyone. There’s a strange science-fiction novel that borrows elements of THE TEMPEST called THE DREAM OF PERPETUAL MOTION that still haunts me. The all-time greatest book that Macmillan ever published, in my eyes, seems to be out of print: A graphic novel adaptation of Jack Vance’s science fiction short story THE MOON MOTH. If you find a copy, treat it like the sacred artifact that it is.”

Hector’s pitch for a new book category:

“Stories by authors about that one book that they stole from a library that they still, 20 years later, haven’t forgiven themselves for taking, should (in my opinion) be its own genre.”

Hear more from Hector himself about CITY OF INK by Elsa Hart:

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