Debut Spotlight: NOTHING CAN HURT YOU (6/25/20)

Inspired by a true story, today we spotlight a haunting debut set in 1997, as the pieces of a college student’s death come together.

When Sara Morgan was killed in the woods surrounding her college, her boyfriend’s confession raised more questions than it answered. This story of voyeurism and obsession examines gender violence and the voices in Sara’s life in an unforgettable manner.

NOTHING CAN HURT YOU by Nicola Maye Goldberg

“Goldberg’s debut, a thoughtful meditation on gender-based violence, focuses on 12 people affected by the gruesome killing of 21-year-old Sara Rose Morgan, a college student who was murdered by her schizophrenic boyfriend, Blake Campbell, in 1997…Fans of literary thrillers will relish this incisive account of murder and its aftermath.”–Publishers Weekly

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