Imprint Spotlight: Flatiron Books

As we approach 1,000 days of working from home, we are definitely missing the 120 Broadway office and the rest of our Macmillan family.

Because we miss their faces, and because you may be curious about the Macmillan landscape beyond Library Marketing, we asked each publisher to tell us more about what they do and to list a few of their favorite reads–first up, Flatiron Books!

Editorial Assistant Lauren Bittrich (Flatiron Books):

“Flatiron publishes a relatively small number of titles each year, which means editors are extra judicious when choosing their projects and each book is given extra-close attention from all our departments (we publish everything from upmarket fiction to thrillers to public figures to Instagram sensations—it’s a diverse palette to say the very least). It’s also a very collaborative environment: Bob [Miller], our publisher, is largely responsible [for] setting a tone that allows the entire team to feel comfortable bringing book ideas to the table and sharing opinions and thoughts about a variety of things they think are working or not working: everyone from interns to our most senior editors have a seat at the table. There’s always been a large amount of trust placed in each editor to know what will work in their space, and it’s amazing how consistently it pays off.

Having the opportunity to work alongside people who I know genuinely care about finding those important and oftentimes overlooked stories, seeing them personally invested in making sure that each story is told in the best possible way, taking the time to get it right and, upon publication, getting to see the dialogue so many of these books—both fiction and nonfiction—everyone here works so hard on spark dialogue about such important issues: political, moral, or otherwise, is something that makes me feel proud to work alongside the people I do.”

Lauren’s favorites:

BEING LOLITA (August 2020), a debut memoir by a young woman who was sexually involved with her high school writing teacher while she was still his student. It’s so heartbreaking and evocative while also exploring timely issues like male dominance, sexual misconduct, and the difficult task of reclaiming and contextualizing one’s girlhood narrative as a grown woman. It’s so powerful, and I feel lucky to play a small part in its journey into the hands and onto the bedside tables of future readers.”

RUST [is] a debut, coming-of-age memoir written by a steelworker laboring in the Rust Belt during the 2016 election season. It’s very much a story about reckoning with the American dream and the people and culture of middle America with a HILLBILLY ELEGY-esque call for a bipartisan conversation about hard, important topics with truly beautiful, powerful writing.”

“Another book I’m currently working on is WHAT IS A DOG? (July 2021), because I’m a sucker for well-written dog books and am fortunate to have a boss, Bob, who is also a sucker for well-written dog books and has allowed me to be very involved in the whole project from the start. This one will make you hug the canines in your life extra tight.”

Hear more from Lauren herself on WHAT IS A DOG?:

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