Memoir Spotlight (8/5/20)

An exploration of one family’s legacy of white supremacy + a young poet in 1960s NYC + a gripping story of tragedy and family + a coming-of-age memoir on consent, vulnerability, and power = this week’s memoir spotlight. LIFE OF A KLANSMAN: A Family History in White Supremacy by Edward Ball 3 starred reviews! “A […]

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Booklist Book Buzz: Adult Headliners Recap (5/29/20)

Thank you all for tuning into the Booklist Book Buzz: Adult Headliners webinar. We hope you enjoyed some exciting titles from your couch, floor, bed, or wherever you may be. If you need a quick refresher or weren’t able to be there on Zoom, here are all the titles we presented. Click here for the […]

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Imprint Spotlight: Flatiron Books

As we approach 1,000 days of working from home, we are definitely missing the 120 Broadway office and the rest of our Macmillan family. Because we miss their faces, and because you may be curious about the Macmillan landscape beyond Library Marketing, we asked each publisher to tell us more about what they do and […]

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