Author Spotlight: Nora Roberts (5/4/20)

Nora Roberts, the QUEEN of emotional suspense, returns with a new standalone novel of Hollywood, survival, and vengeance in today’s author spotlight.

A daughter of Hollywood royalty–and a child-star herself–disappears during a game of hide-and-seek. After escaping her abductor and spending years hiding away, she finally returns to Los Angeles, only to discover secrets had been growing in her absence.


“When she was 10, child star Caitlyn Sullivan was kidnapped from her prominent Hollywood family’s home in Big Sur…Roberts (UNDER CURRENTS, 2019) once again offers a master class in storytelling as she displays her formidable ability to portray easily relatable characters and engineer a plot spiked with chilling suspense and layered with life-affirming love, which, together, generate a captivating read.”–Booklist

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“Roberts (SHELTER IN PLACE) cleverly blends the past into the present as abuse survivors discover the healing power of love…Roberts’s latest is full of powerful, magnetic characters who have overcome terrible situations. Suspense and sensual romance are expertly combined in this riveting story.”–Publishers Weekly


“Roberts’ newest is part thriller, part romance, part survivors’ psychological study with a touch of New Age magic—and a lively, captivating read.”–Kirkus Reviews


“Roberts always tells a good story that balances romance and suspense, but in this title, the narrative is deeper, the mystery is more layered, and with Alice, Roberts moves into another level of exploring physical and emotional trauma and the powerful balm of family and love. With her past couple of titles, Roberts (as opposed to her typically grittier moniker, J.D. Robb) is moving into more complex and darker storytelling, to terrific effect.”–Kirkus Reviews, starred review

HIDEAWAY by Nora Roberts; 9781250207104; available 5/26/20.
UNDER CURRENTS by Nora Roberts; 9781250213266; available now.
SHELTER IN PLACE by Nora Roberts; 9781250247094; available now.
COME SUNDOWN by Nora Roberts; 9781250123091; available now.

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