Happy #PubDay (4/14/20)

An exploration of loss and a man’s capacity for love and evil + the secrets that shaped two families + a bloody and Gothic debut = this #pubday party!

MAN OF MY TIME by Dalia Sofer

4 starred reviews!

“A gorgeously written character study that examines, with sensitivity and pathos, the small steps that lead a man down an unexpected and ultimately isolating path.”–Booklist, starred review

“This mesmerizing and unsettling novel by Whiting Award–winner Sofer (THE SEPTEMBER OF SHIRAZ) diagrams the monstrous shaping of an Iranian interrogator by decades of cultural and political upheavals…Readers will find Sofer’s meditation on power’s ability to corrupt as relevant and disturbing as the day’s headlines.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Iran’s brutal and tragic years of upheaval are evoked through a one-time revolutionary’s rueful reflections…A perceptive, humane inquiry into Iran’s history and soul.”–Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“A powerful, complex, and profoundly anguished novel made more relevant by current tensions.”–Library Journal, starred review

ST. IVO by Joanna Herson

“A woman whose life has been knocked off balance by her daughter’s absence struggles to regain her equilibrium…This graceful story offers insights into family, friendship, and finding a way to move on after a loss.”–Kirkus Reviews, starred review

THE UNSUITABLE by Molly Pohlig

“This suspenseful, occasionally darkly humorous, distinctively written novel is equal parts Victorian horror and cry for independence. Those strong enough to handle its visceral content will find an absorbing read.”–Booklist

MAN OF MY TIME by Dalia Sofer; 9780374110062; available now.
ST. IVO by Joanna Herson; 9780374268145; available now.
THE UNSUITABLE by Molly Pohlig; 9781250246288; available now.

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