Happy #PubDay (4/7/20)

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Ten lives behind the concrete walls of a New Hampshire jail + an American’s journey to exotic 1930s Vietnam + a collection of innovative and ambitious short stories = this #pubday party!

BARKER HOUSE by David Moloney

“Moloney’s taut, haunting, and surprisingly hopeful debut takes an unblinking look at America’s criminal justice system…This strong work is an indelible look at how people respond to extremes and fight to hold on to their humanity in dire conditions.”–Publishers Weekly

A HUNDRED SUNS by Karin Tanabe

“Tanabe’s richly drawn novel is complete with multidimensional characters who gradually reveal their secrets… Fans of historical fiction will be enthralled.”–Publishers Weekly

THE DOMINANT ANIMAL: Stories by Kathryn Scanlan

“Reading Scanlan is akin to looking at two ‘spot the difference’ images, but not knowing what, exactly, is off. This is a delightful, mischievous, and mysterious collection that’s perfect for fans of Lydia Davis and Mary Ruefle.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

BARKER HOUSE by David Moloney; 9781635574166; available now.
A HUNDRED SUNS by Karin Tanabe; 9781250231475; available now.
THE DOMINANT ANIMAL: Stories by Kathryn Scanlan; 9780374538293; available now.

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