Nonfiction Round-Up (4/1/20)

Frank Smyth, an award-winning investigative journalist specializing in armed conflicts, organized crime and human rights overseas, brings the definitive account of America’s most powerful and controversial nonprofit: the NRA.

THE NRA: The Unauthorized History by Frank Smyth

From the NRA’s roots in post-Civil War New York City to the present-day Trump administration, Smyth’s research takes a look into the history, the blueprint, and the societal questions surrounding the NRA.

“Journalist Smyth debuts with a balanced and accessible history of the National Rifle Association…Smyth chronicles the NRA’s internal debates with painstaking detail, though the organization’s secrecy prevents jaw-dropping revelations. Readers tired of partisanship on both sides of the gun control debate will appreciate this straightforward overview.”–Publishers Weekly

THE NRA: The Unauthorized History by Frank Smyth; 9781250210289; available now.

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