Macmillan Virtual Event Grids

You need programming, we have authors!

Macmillan has posted their first ever virtual (!) event grids to Edelweiss, as well as an offer to share some digital marketing tips for successful virtual/live streaming events.

Check out the links below for information about authors interested and available to participate in virtual events.

Macmillan Virtual Event Grid – Adult
Macmillan Virtual Event Grid – Kids/YA

You can email our colleagues,, or for more info and to start requesting authors now.

5 thoughts on “Macmillan Virtual Event Grids

  1. Hello,
    Thank you for these lists!
    Can you give me a rough price range for how much, in general, might be expected for a virtual event (basic talk/discussion)? Are we looking at $500? $5000? I don’t want to get staff excited about the possibilities if there is no way we could afford to do this, especially since we would be lucky to have perhaps 20 – 25 participants. Grant funding is pretty slim right now, so we’d be on our own. I believe that artists should be paid fairly, so want to be realistic in my planning.
    I appreciate the information.

  2. Hello,

    This is an awesome opportunity! I am on the virtual programming committee for our library system and we are very interested in having one or more of these authors present on our platform. Please provide information on how we can proceed with scheduling this.

    Thank you….

  3. Thanks for ALL this! Makes our plans for district/city wide mini-YA fest almost a reality! Maybe the silver lining to distance learning

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