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For those of you who don’t speak werewolf, that’s “READ THIS BOOOOOOOK!!!”

LOBIZONA by Romina Garber
Available May 5, 2020 from Wednesday Books
Ages 12 to 18
Available to download as an e-galley

Manu is in hiding in Miami because she is an illegal Argentinian immigrant and because of her unusual eyes. If she is recognized, she will be deported. But Manu’s immigrant status and golden, star-shaped eyes are not her only secrets . . . Every full moon, Manu experiences intense pain forcing her to sleep for several days, all the while dreaming of a mysterious world that she doesn’t fully understand.

One day, while on the run from ICE agents, Manu discovers her dream world, hidden within Florida’s Everglades, and her dreams become reality. A reality of werewolves and witches . . all with eyes just like hers. But in this “dream” world, where Manu is suddenly surrounded by others just like her, she discovers she may be even more unique than she ever imagined.

LOBIZONA had me hooked from page one. The gorgeous world building! The vivid characters! The patriarchy smashing! It’s got everything and more. LOBIZONA—with it’s fantasy world within the real world—walks the line between magical realism and fantasy in a truly extraordinary and beautiful way. Manu’s story is an important one, and Romina Garber tells it flawlessly, inspired by Argentinian folklore and her own experiences as an immigrant from Argentina. Give this to fans of Isabel Ibañez’s WOVEN IN MOONLIGHT, Roshani Chokshi’s THE GILDED WOLVES, and Tomi Adeyemi’s CHILDREN OF BLOOD AND BONE.


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