Thriller Thursday (4/25/19)

From psychological thrillers to historical mysteries, we’ve got a packed house for this week’s Thriller Thursday celebration!

I KNOW WHO YOU ARE by Alice Feeney

“For most folks, being suspected in the disappearance of their spouse would be about as bad as it gets, but not for London actress Aimee Sinclair, the narrator of bestseller Feeney’s shock-filled second thriller… The action speeds toward a finale that’s about as subtle as an ax. Fans of over-the-top psychological thrillers will be satisfied.”–Publishers Weekly


“Written in several parts that show the passage of time through the development of the mental institution—which is a character itself—the book’s secrets are revealed slowly. Full of blackmail and lies, this novel grows in intensity as each character’s story is told. Utterly engaging, terrifying, and unputdownable, this novel will haunt readers and have them wanting more from Kelly.”–Booklist, starred review

THROW ME TO THE WOLVES by Patrick McGuinness

“An English detective works to solve a mystery that’s shadowed by memories of his boarding school days… McGuinness’ intelligent prose and his frequent, but unobtrusive, riffs on subjects like instant street shrines to murder victims (the ‘business of death and mourning as public property, like the Olympics or royalty’) or the venom of the British tabloid press, determined to ‘take a man’s past and coat him in guilt,’ are consistent added pleasures in a novel that layers literary complexity and depth over a fully satisfying crime story.”–Kirkus Reviews, starred review

THE MISSING CORPSE: A Brittany Mystery by Jean-Luc Bannalec

“A reclusive film actress finds it challenging to report a murder when the victim won’t stay put… Bannalec offers a tidy puzzle and offbeat characters galore, but as usual, it’s Brittany itself that’s the star of the show.”–Kirkus Reviews

LIKE LIONS by Brian Panowich

“In Thriller Award winner Panowich’s excellent sequel to 2015’s BULL MOUNTAIN, the death of the brothers of County Sheriff Clayton Burroughs has left a void in the family business, which includes the production and distribution of meth and moonshine in northern Georgia… Although the stark economic backdrop of rural Georgia and a cast of richly described characters fuel the narrative, it’s the emotional complexity of Burroughs…as well as the brass knuckle punch of an ending that will have readers applauding. This is hillbilly noir at its finest.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

THE PANDORA ROOM by Christopher Golden

“The follow-up to the Bram Stoker Award-winning ARARAT (2017) is another mythologically framed, horror-thriller hybrid… The many points of view portrayed ratchet up the dread in this smart, satisfying series that will appeal to fans of supernatural thrillers like Jonathan Maberry’s Joe Ledger series and historically framed horror like THE HUNGER by Alma Katsu (2018).”–Booklist

MURDER KNOCKS TWICE by Susanna Calkins

“The details of Prohibition-era Chicago and the celebrity sightings will appeal to those who know the city’s history. Jane Addams, Clarence Darrow, and even Amelia Earhart make cameos. An entertaining, light historical series from history professor Calkins, who also writes the award-winning Lucy Campion novels.”–Booklist

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