BEAUTYLAND is Dakota Johnson’s First Book Club Pick (3/7/24)

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BEAUTYLAND by Marie-Helene Bertino is Dakota Johnson’s first book club pick!

Adina Giorno possesses knowledge of a faraway planet. When she receives a fax machine, it enables her to contact her extraterrestrial relatives, beings who have sent her to report on the oddities of Earthlings. For years, as she moves through the world and makes a life for herself among humans, she dispatches transmissions on the terrors and surprising joys of their existence. Then, at a precarious moment, a beloved friend urges Adina to share her messages with the world. Is there a chance she is not alone?


“Bertino balances fantasy and hyperrealism, metaphor and fact. For whom is the act of belonging not, to some degree, an exhausting, lifelong quest? It’s like fiction was invented for Adina and her tale, which unspools so assuredly readers might mistake it for their own.”–Booklist, starred review

“The triumphant latest from Bertino offers a wryly comic critique of social conventions from the perspective of a woman who also happens to be an alien from another planet… Bertino nimbly portrays her protagonist’s alienhood as both metaphor and reality. The results are divine.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review


BEAUTYLAND by Marie-Helene Bertino; 9780374109288; available now

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