Author Spotlight: Laurie Gelman (8/2/22)

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Laurie Gelman has kept readers laughing with the mayhem and challenges that beloved Class Mom Jen Dixon faces in her everyday life.

Her newest laugh-out-loud novel SMELLS LIKE TWEEN SPIRIT brings a school science fair fundraiser, more spin classes, and Jen’s classic charm and memorable one-liners.


“Gelman’s new Class Mom novel doesn’t disappoint: it will leave readers laughing out loud and desperate for the next installation in this hilarious, beloved series.”–Library Journal, starred review

More from Laurie Gelman’s Class Mom series!


“Gelman packs it in yet again with the third installment in the Class Mom series (after YOU’VE BEEN VOLUNTEERED), keeping up with the irresistibly uproarious one-liners, the cast of characters whom readers have loved since CLASS MOM, and the introduction of a new character, the ‘other’ grandmother, who irritates Jen in more ways than one.”–Library Journal


“Her antics are laugh-out-loud funny, and she shows no signs of slowing down. The tone and pacing are excellent, and new characters, who come with their own issues and snark, are delightful. VERDICT: Buy it–no questions asked.”–Library Journal, starred review


“Gelman pens an uproariously funny first novel with a relatable protagonist. Moms will clamor for this story, trying to hold back tears of laughter as Jen establishes her voice and place as the class mom.”–Library Journal, starred review

SMELLS LIKE TWEEN SPIRIT by Laurie Gelman; 9781250777591; available now.
YOGA PANT NATION by Laurie Gelman; 9781250838988; available now.
YOU’VE BEEN VOLUNTEERED by Laurie Gelman; 9781250771254; available now.
CLASS MOM by Laurie Gelman; 9781250192561; available now.

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