Author Spotlight: Barbara Taylor Bradford (12/7/21)

Barbara Taylor Bradford is the bestselling and award-winning author of more than 25 atmospheric novels, including her romantic historical House of Falconer series.

This next book is a prequel to A WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE, opening five years before the start of the Harte Family Saga.


“In A MAN OF HONOR, prequel to the 1979 megahit A WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE, Bradford tells the story of Blackie O’Neill, who travels from County Kerry to England as a young orphan and begins his rise in the world while meeting Substance’s Emma Harte, still a kitchen maid.”–Library Journal Pre Pub Alert

Don’t miss the rest of Barbara Taylor Bradford’s dazzling sagas.

A MAN OF HONOR by Barbara Taylor Bradford; 9781250187451; 12/28/21.

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