Genre For All Spotlight: TEN RULES FOR FAKING IT

Sleepless in Seattle X The Bachelorette X THE KISS QUOTIENT?! Yes, please! If there was ever a time to jump on the rom-com bandwagon, it’s now with Sophie Sullivan’s slow-burn romance TEN RULES FOR FAKING IT.

Everly Dean has had enough birthday embarrassment to last a lifetime. So this year on her big day, walking in on her boyfriend cheating and then accidentally announcing it on her live radio show is just the icing on this particularly awful birthday cake. After some serious listener love comes pouring in after her horror story, her way-too-cute boss (and secret crush) has the idea to create a Bachelorette-esque radio dating show for Everly. The nonstop dates and live radio recaps push all her boundaries and make Everly confront the social anxiety she’s dealt with all her life. Sticking to her list of rules may be the only thing keeping her sane…until the blush-worthy crush on her boss shakes everything up.

If you love a refreshing, happily-ever-after debut with quirky characters, playful banter, and a dating game, TEN RULES FOR FAKING IT is calling your name. In addition to being a perfect, feel-good rom-com, TEN RULES FOR FAKING IT also explores living with social anxiety, complicated family relationships, and learning to accept yourself.

TEN RULES FOR FAKING IT is available to download from Edelweiss here.



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