Nonfiction Round-Up (2/19/20)

A courageous condemnation of the US military, a comprehensive history of American documentary film, and advice from America’s favorite psychic–all in this nonfiction round-up.

THE COST OF LOYALTY: Dishonesty, Hubris, and Failure in the U.S. Military by Tim Bakken

“For readers and scholars interested in civilian-military relations, military law, and military leadership. An excellent companion to Eliot Cohen’s SUPREME COMMAND; the two stand together in defiance of Samuel P. Huntington’s 1957 classic, THE SOLDIER AND THE STATE.”–Library Journal

SCREENING REALITY: How Documentary Filmmakers Reimagined America by Jon Wilkman

“Wilkman makes a compelling case for documentary filmmaking to help rebuild ‘the foundations of evidential inquiry.’ And the best way to do that, he argues, is for documentaries to introduce us to people and experiences we may never otherwise encounter in our daily lives. For all audiences.”–Library Journal

THE UNIVERSE IS CALLING YOU: Connecting with Essence to Live with Positive Energy, Love, and Power by Char Margolis

America’s beloved psychic, Char Margolis, introduces readers to the vital energy of Essence and how to draw strength and wisdom from these deep, fundamental connections.

THE COST OF LOYALTY by Tim Bakken; ISBN: 9781632868985; Available now
SCREENING REALITY by Jon Wilkman; ISBN: 9781635571035; Available now
THE UNIVERSE IS CALLING YOU by Car Margolis; ISBN: 9781250258694; Available now

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