Adult Books With Teen Appeal

These starry new adult releases may also appeal to teens:

OLIVER LOVING by Stefan Merrill Block
Also available in audio
One of Esquire‘s “Most Anticipated Books of 2018” with two starred reviews! Nine years after seventeen-year-old Oliver Loving was struck by a bullet and fell into a coma, new diagnostic technology promises to reveal if Oliver has been sentient all these years, his mind trapped in his damaged body. Speech therapist Margot Strout must interpret what might be actual communication from Oliver, the maddening questions that still swirl around the shooting, and the reality of what Oliver might have become. “At once timely and timeless, this is an exciting story that rewards reader interest.” — Booklist, starred review

THE TRANSITION by Luke Kennard
Kennard’s “sharp, witty debut novel”* is about a rehabilitation program for the financially irresponsible, who are coached by two successful adults of a slightly older generation about Employment, Nutrition, Responsibility, Relationship, Finances, and Self-respect, until they are ready to be reintegrated into adult society. “Enlivened by crisp dialogue and Wildean epigrams (“That’s the problem with self-respect…you start to feel offended when someone insults you”), the novel splendidly hums along. Kennard calibrates satire and sentiment, puncturing glib diagnoses of a generation’s shortcomings while producing a nuanced portrait of a marriage as precarious as Karl’s finances.” — *Publishers Weekly, starred & boxed review

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