Kirkus’s Most Anticipated Books of 2017 Thus Far

Kirkus Reviews shared their Most Anticipated Books of 2017 Thus Far, including these two Macmillan titles:

TEARS WE CANNOT STOP by Michael Eric Dyson
“The provocateur-scholar returns to the pulpit to deliver a hard-hitting sermon on the racial divide, directed specifically to a white congregation. The readership Dyson addresses may not fully be convinced, but it can hardly remain unmoved by his fiery prose.” Kirkus Reviews, starred review

4 3 2 1 by Paul Auster
“Auster’s first novel in seven years is nothing if not ambitious: a four-part invention, more than 800 pages, that follows the life (or lives) of Archie Ferguson. With this novel, Auster reminds us that not just life, but also narrative is always conditional, that it only appears inevitable after the fact.” Kirkus Reviews, starred review

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