Historical Fiction Roundup

Travel back in time with these three historical novels:

AVELYNN by Marissa Campbell
A Publishers Weekly Fall 2015 Romance Top Pick! A forbidden romance between a Saxon pagan and a Viking marauder is at the heart of this splendid historical novel.

THE DEBT OF TAMAR by Nicole Dweck
Four hundred years before Oskar Schindler there was Suleiman the Magnificent, an Ottoman sultan who rescued thousands of Jews from the Inquisition. Inspired by this amazing moment in history, Dweck has imagined a sweeping saga intertwining the fates of two families, one Jewish and one Muslim, from Inquisition Istanbul to WWII Paris to modern-day New York.

SUCCESSION by Livi Michael
An engrossing historical tale of treachery, betrayal, and the lives of two extraordinary women set during the Wars of the Roses, the inspiration for George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire.

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