Great news! Laurie R. King has created a free Common Core Guide for THE BEEKEEPER’S APPRENTICE to share with you (and your students and patrons)!

The guide includes guided comprehension & discussion questions, vocabulary lists & worksheets, supplemental research materials, even chapter quizzes & tests, all in a ready-to-print format. (Yes, with a separate teachers’ answer packet, as well!) All of this in addition to the BEEKEEPER book discussion guide and Laurie’s suggested background reading.

“Now, I’d always thought that BEEKEEPER could be a useful introduction to the Twentieth Century: World War One, the women’s movement, roots of conflict in Europe and the Middle East, the huge social and technological changes—all that plus Sherlock Holmes & villains & hansom cabs &—well, let’s just say this is a book that I would have loved to study in school.

Not only will it bring a lot of vulnerable young minds into contact with the Russell & Holmes gateway drug —er, book (to be fair, BEEKEEPER is both an ALA Notable Young Adult Book and an ALA Outstanding Book for the College Bound), it also creates another community around Mary Russell and her world: teachers eager for an excuse to teach a rousing good tale in the classroom.”
— Laurie R. King

Click here to download THE BEEKEEPER’S APPRENTICE Common Core Guide.



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