4 Starred Reviews for Olen Steinhauer’s ALL THE OLD KNIVES

ALL THE OLD KNIVES by Olen Steinhauer has received four starred trade reviews!

“Terrific standalone thriller… There’s great narrative energy in the thrust and counterthrust of the dinner conversation, as well as in the re-creation of the Viennese events; Steinhauer is a very fine writer and an excellent observer of human nature, shrewd about the pleasures and perils of spying.”―Publishers Weekly, starred and boxed review

“A compelling spy story that takes place at a restaurant table… it delivers intrigue, suspense, and a heart-stopping finale.   In his acknowledgments, Steinhauer tells us he wrote it in one month. You’ll devour it in one night.  HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: Steinhauer’s last book, The Cairo Affair (2014), had a six-figure printing and a six-figure promotional budget, too, but this one seems even more likely to broaden his audience.”―Booklist, starred review

“This genre-bending spy novel takes Hitchcockian suspense to new heights. Over the course of a meal with flashbacks, the eternal questions of trust, loyalty, and authentic love are deftly dissected. Readers drawn to the story of a loving couple trapped in a terrible embrace will be thrilled to follow Henry and Celia’s tortured pas de deux.”―Library Journal, starred review

“Masterfully plotted and suspenseful stand-alone… Steinhauer expertly shifts perspectives between the two spies in both their present and past lives, when Henry was a rough-and-tumble field agent and Celia wielded power behind a desk. It’s an understatement to say that nothing is as it seems, but even readers well-versed in espionage fiction will be pleasantly surprised by Steinhauer’s plot twists and double backs.”―Kirkus Reviews, starred review

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