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This season Macmillan Library is all about boys and their adventures in growing up.  The boys whose DIY robot bests MIT, the boys who attend a terrifyingly real boarding school (in the future), and the boys who use gaming as a means of salvation…   We’re getting to know them all. Won’t you join us?

SPARE PARTS by Joshua Davis

“Davis takes what could have been another feel-good story of triumphant underdogs and raises the stakes by examining the difficulties of these young immigrants in the context of the societal systems that they briefly and temporarily overcame.”—Publishers Weekly

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WOLF IN WHITE VAN by John Darnielle

National Book Award Finalist

“A pop culture-infused novel that thoughtfully and nonjudgmentally considers the dark side of nerddom.”—Kirkus Reviews, starred review

GOODHOUSE by Peyton Marshall

“A cut above the strong recent crop of dystopian futures, with a sympathetic protagonist, a believably degenerated society, and harrowing pacing, this deserves a wide audience.”—Library Journal, starred review

ENDSINGER by Jay Kristoff

The stunning conclusion to the critically acclaimed Lotus War series that began with STORMDANCER, featuring unforgettable heroine Yukiko and an extraordinary Japanese dystopian steampunk world.

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“Teens will be fascinated by Venturini’s irresistible premise and challenged by the ethicality and mortality of Dale’s unique gift.”—Booklist

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