Attention sci-fi readers: if you’re looking for a book with the scope of DUNE and the commercial action of Independence Day, look no further than THE THREE-BODY PROBLEM by China’s most beloved science fiction author, Cixin Liu.

Reviewers love this multiple-award-winning near-future trilogy:

Fans of hard SF will revel in this intricate and imaginative novel by one of China’s most celebrated genre writers… Liu impressively succeeds in integrating complex topics—such as the field of frontier science, which attempts to define the limits of science’s ability to know nature—without slowing down the action or sacrificing characterization.”
Publishers Weekly, starred review

“In concept and development, it resembles top-notch Arthur C. Clarke or Larry Niven but with a perspective—plots, mysteries, conspiracies, murders, revelations and all—embedded in a culture and politic dramatically unfamiliar to most readers in the West, conveniently illuminated with footnotes courtesy of translator Liu. Remarkable, revelatory and not to be missed.” — Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“The narrative will grab readers’ attention with its passionate and fascinating critique of early Communist China, augmented by translator Liu’s lean but informative footnotes for the likely uninformed English readers. But the high-minded premise is really just a vessel for a collection of surreal and hauntingly beautiful scenes that will hook you deep and drag you relentlessly across every page. This is a must-read in any language.” — Booklist

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THE THREE-BODY PROBLEM will be available from Tor Books on November 11, 2014.

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