Our Mysteries from the Booklist “Red Hot Crime” Webinar

Who better to talk about murder and mystery than Talia? Yesterday she shared her favorite forthcoming mysteries of Fall 2013 and Winter 2014 in Booklist's "Red Hot Crime" webinar:

THROUGH THE EVIL DAYS by Julia Spencer-Fleming (9780312606848)
THE RAVEN'S EYE by Barry Maitland (9781250028969)
JEEVES AND THE WEDDING BELLS by Sebastian Faulks (9781250047595)
AN OLD BETRAYAL by Charles Finch (9781250011619)
ONCE UPON A LIE by Maggie Barbieri (9781250011671)
THE ORPHAN CHOIR by Sophie Hannah (9781250041029)
SNOWBLIND by Christopher Golden (9781250015310)
THE HEADMASTER'S WIFE by Thomas Christopher Greene (9781250038944)
REVENANT OF THRAXTON HALL by Vaughn Entwistle (9781250035004)
APPLE TREE YARD by Louise Doughty (9780374105679)
BAD WOLF by Nele Neuhaus (9781250043993)
THE INNOCENT SLEEP by Karen Perry (9780805098723)
THE CAIRO AFFAIR by Olen Steinhauer (9781250036131)
DESTROYER ANGEL by Nevada Barr (9780312614584)
RUNNER by Patrick Lee (9781250030733)
NOTORIOUS by Allison Brennan (9781250035059)
DOING HARM by Kelly Parsons (9781250033475)
WHERE MONSTERS DWELL by Jørgen Brekke (9781250016805)
PRECIOUS THING by Colette McBeth (9781250041197)

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View or download the full deck of presentation slides from this webinar at BooklistOnline.com! We will post a link to the archived webinar when it becomes available.

UPDATE (11/4): Booklist archived the webinar on their site and it's now available to view. Enjoy!

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