Monday Fun Day! (7/29/2013 Edition)

Happy Monday, librarians! 

- C-SPAN 3 aired an event at the Smithsonian in which Daniel Stashower discussed his book, THE HOUR OF PERIL! You can watch the recording on Just click the link then select "The Civil War: The Baltimore Plot Against Lincoln" in the right panel.

- Erica Jong, the author of FEAR OF FLYING who some of you will remember from the AAP's BEA Librarian Dinner, has highly recommended Fay Weldon to her Twitter followers after The New York Times ran a review of Weldon's HABITS OF THE HOUSE. Read the review on



- Also in The New York Times was a list of "twisty tales of sin and corruption set against an unforgiving Texas backdrop." The list of Southern crime fiction included THESE MORTAL REMAINS by Milton T. Burton, COMPOUND MURDER by Bill Crider, and STRONG RAIN FALLING by Jon Land (e-galley available). 

- And now for the best four seconds of your day/week/life care of Alene Moroni:

wombat video

Have a fantastic week!

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