Southern Debuts with Spirit and Stars


Reviewers and librarians have been giving a lot of pre-pub love to RANCHERO, a gem of a debut that'll have you bombing around the Missippi Delta. Now we're starting to see some love for another action-packed, southern-style debut, THE TERRITORY by Tricia Fields.

When a remote corner of Western Texas becomes a hot spot for Mexican drug runners, many of the locals would rather take the law into their own hands than get help from police chief Josie Gray. 

After arresting one of the cartel's hit men and killing another, Josie finds her life at risk for a job that many people would rather see her quit. And when the town's self-appointed protector of the Second Amendment is murdered, it's clear that she doesn't have to pick sides in this war. She's battling them both. 

Set in a desert landscape as beautiful as it is dangerous, THE TERRITORY captures the current border issues from the eyes of a tough, compelling heroine and richly evokes the American Southwest. 

"Fields’s rich plotting, nonstop action, and deft characterizations show the personal side of the larger issue of drug cartels on both sides of the border." -Publishers Weekly (starred review)

THE TERRITORY won the 2010 Tony Hillerman Prize and will be available in October from Thomas Dunne Books.


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