Monday Fun Day! (8/22/2011 Edition)


Happy Monday, my plucky librarian friends!

It's time for another Monday Fun Day recap of awesome tidbits we didn't get to chat about last week. 

- First item of business is the cover unveiling for Amanda Hocking's Trylle trilogy (see above)! Amanda is quite taken with these fancy covers and we are, too! The series will be released in early 2012 (each including never-before-seen Trylle short stories) and we expect high demand so be prepared.

- Congratulations are in order for all the 2011 Hugo Award-winners! See the full list of winners and nominees here.

- If the excellent reviews didn't convince you that Amy Waldman's THE SUBMISSION is something special, then maybe the Nancy Pearl stamp of approval will: see her tweet here.

- In contest news...

Bryan Kratish of the Millhopper Branch Library in Alachua County won The Omen Machine Awesome Stuff Giveaway!

Also, before I left for vacation I promised you a beachy prize pack giveaway upon my return, but I've failed you by waiting so long to give you the details. Forgive me! I will post the contest this afternoon, so check back.

Until then, look at this:

Have a great week!

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