10 Can’t-Miss SFF Books from Kirkus Reviews

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This week Kirkus Reviews highlighted 10 Can't-Miss Science Fiction and Fantasy Books for 2011 including a few of our in-house favorites!

They selected Jo Walton's AMONG OTHERS because, "All SF fans will get what Morwenna is about, particularly the joy she experiences discovering new books and other people to talk to about them."

Richard Matheson's OTHER KINGDOMS caught their eye for the "accomplished and tragic" story: a "star-crossed romance between two lovers from different worlds."

Finally, THE QUANTUM THIEF made the list because author Hannu Rajaniemi, "is clearly one of those disgustingly brilliant people whom you could hate if you didn't admire him so much."

Excellent choices, Kirk! Can I call you, Kirk?

[UPDATE:] Forget this Kirk character. Magnificent choices, Amy!

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