Booklist’s Top Ten Food Books!

Booklist brought us a list of the Top 10 Food Books, and here are the fantastic Macmillan family titles that made the cut. I'm dying to read Diet for a Hot Planet myself, as the impact of the industrial agriculture on the environment really has me worried.

American Terroir: Jacobsen investigates terroir, the belief that individual plots of land can produce significant difference in crops and the new obsession of gastronomes.

Animal Factory: Kirby's profiles of individuals confronting pollution provide the most relatable testimony yet to the hazards of industrial animal farming.

Diet for a Hot Planet: Continuing the work of her mother, Frances Moore Lappe, began in Diet for a Small Planet (1971), Anna Lappe gathers facts about the major role industrial agriculture plays in today's climate crises and advocates for organic farming.

The Town that Food Saved: Tiny Hardwick, VT, may be the epicenter of a new food movement, thanks to those Hewitt dubs "agripreneurs," a development that amuses, enthuses, and enrages the town's residents.

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