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So I've been in a bit of a reading frenzy lately. I mean, I'm always reading a lot, but it's been more than usual.

One of the latest books I've read wasn't a Tor book. It wasn't even a Macmillan book. Nope, it was an Orbit book. Oops. But yeah, still fantasy. The book? The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms.

"In an increasingly deep Zelaznyesque series of political maneuverings,
Yeine, nearly powerless but fiercely determined, finds potential allies
among her relatives and the gods who are forced to live in Sky as
servants after losing an ancient war." --Publishers Weekly (starred review)

That juicy sentence was all I needed to email the library marketing department at Hachette and demand a copy. The book was in my hands nine minutes later. Which was a good thing, because any book with both political maneuvering and mortal-ish deities is a must-read to me.

The book was the opposite of an out-of-body experience. It was an in-body experience--in the body of Yeine, the protagonist, a nineteen year-old whiny rich girl. Although unlike other similarly describable protagonists *cough*Holden Caufield*cough* she has the weight of her homeland, and even the lives of gods, on her shoulders. Luckily, her shoulders are built like Atlas's.

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