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Get Whitelisted on Edelweiss for Macmillan E-Galleys!

You might already know that our digital catalogs are hosted on Edelweiss now, but you might not know that there are also e-galleys hosted there just waiting to be downloaded. If you're a current librarian in the United States and interested in being pre-approved* to download all of our e-galleys, please follow these steps:

1. Register for Edelweiss with your library-issued e-mail address (Sign Up button is in the middle of the homepage).

2. Send Talia a note that includes the e-mail address you registered with, your full name, and your current library (subject: Edelweiss).

*Whitelisting is only available to adult and teen librarians currently employed in the U.S.

So easy! Then Talia will forward your request and let you know when you're all hooked up.

For those of you already whitelisted we have a few recommendations for you listed below. And for those of you on the fence maybe one of these upcoming titles will entice you into signing up!


Get started with our recommendations (updated October 1, 2018)



If your account is already whitelisted for our titles, hit this link to access a list of all of our currently available e-galley downloads (To find all Macmillan e-galleys, simply choose “Macmillan” under the “Refine by Vendor” tab on the left and hit the “Update” button. If you’re having problems, make sure you are logged in and that you’ve selected “View titles I May Download or Request” in the upper left corner. Otherwise, the page will say “No titles met this criteria.”).

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Great news: Macmillan e-galleys on Edelweiss are now compatible with the Kindle

We hope to hear from you soon!