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Edel Rodriguez’s WORM: A Cuban American Odyssey is a stunning graphic memoir of a childhood in Cuba, coming to America on the Mariel boatlift, and a defense of democracy. Confronting questions of patriotism and belonging, Rodriguez celebrates the immigrants who guard and invigorate American freedom. And now WORM has received THREE starred reviews!

“The comics feature strong black line drawings against red and army-green backgrounds, with Trump-related images inserted as a shock of orange and yellow. It’s a bracing warning bell for any reader concerned about the future of American democracy.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

“The well-rendered graphic story is plenty dramatic on its own, and it’s significant not just for its portrayal of Castro’s Cuba but also for offering evidence that the Cuban American exile community is not politically monolithic. A sharply observed document of totalitarianism and its discontents—this gifted artist in particular.”–Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“The comic isn’t just a memoir of a difficult past…Rodriguez notices similarities in the way things changed during his childhood and the changes happening in his adopted country, the U.S., today. In the later part of the book, he brings us to the present day, highlighting his experiences with his now infamous Time magazine covers and shares fears for what may be to come. A powerful addition to the journalistic memoir comics canon.”–Booklist, starred review

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