NYT Profiles S.A. Cosby

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S.A. Cosby has officially taken the literary world by storm with his novels BLACKTOP WASTELAND and RAZORBLADE TEARS.

And now, he’s been profiled by the New York Times! Check out what they have to say know more.

More praise for S.A. Cosby:

“Few novels marry tough and tender, head-banging and coming-of-age, as seamlessly as this one does, but that’s no surprise from a supremely talented writer who keeps getting better.”–Booklist, starred review, of RAZORBLADE TEARS

“His story of fathers and sons, of men learning to respect others’ lives, has an unexpected depth for such a violent, confrontational book. This powerful book should be in every library.”–Library Journal, starred review, of RAZORBLADE TEARS

“Cosby never misses a note.”–Booklist, starred review, of BLACKTOP WASTELAND

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