Happy Half Hour (6/28/21)

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We’re wrapping up Pride Month with a story of fandom and friendship, two boys in America’s biggest boy band falling for each other, a creepy haunted house tale, and a collection of hilarious and tender stories.

THE ONE TRUE ME AND YOU by Remi K. England | 9781250814869 | 3/1/22
IF THIS GETS OUT by Sophie Gonzales and Cale Dietrich | 9781250805805 | 12/7/21
NOTHING BUT BLACKENED TEETH by Cassandra Khaw | 9781250759412 | 10/19/21
HOW TO WRESTLE A GIRL by Venita Blackburn | 9780374602796 | 9/7/21

Check out all of our archived Happy Half Hours and register for upcoming events know more.

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