Series Spotlight: MIRROR & THE LIGHT by Hilary Mantel (3/9/20)

In 1520s England, Thomas Cromwell’s story began as Henry VII’s advisor. Now in the triumphant close to the Wolf Hall Trilogy, Cromwell has climbed to the heights of power and is faced with ideas of a new country. New York Times bestselling author and winner of the Man Booker Prize Hilary Mantel concludes Cromwell’s journey in this eagerly awaited finale.


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“Astute, strategic, sly, funny, poignant, and doomed, Cromwell rules these vivid pages, yet every character and setting resonates, and Mantel’s virtuoso, jousting dialogue is exhilarating. Gossip, insults, bribes, lies, threats, jealousy, revenge, all propel this delectably shrewd and transfixing Tudor tragedy, this timeless saga of the burden of rule, social treacheries, and the catastrophic cost of indulging a raving despot… Cromwell fever is again running high; multiple copies of Mantel’s finale are in order, and it’s wise to check the shelves for her two previous Tudor masterpieces.”–Booklist, starred review


“Mantel’s seductive, almost hypnotic, style is both formal, which is appropriate to the time, and exquisitely fluid, while beautifully articulated dialogue serves the story well, lending depth to characterizations and advancing the rich plot.”–Booklist, starred review

WOLF HALL: Volume 1

“This wholly original and authentically detailed take on an often reviled real-life figure will appeal to fans of meaty historical dramas and fictional biographies.”–Booklist

THE MIRROR & THE LIGHT by Hilary Mantel; 9780805096606; available now.
BRINGING UP THE BODIES by Hilary Mantel; 9781250024176; available now.
WOLF HALL by Hilary Mantel; 9780312429980; available now.

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