Happy Earth Day 2019!

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Happy Earth Day! Check out our new and essential books on everything from climate change to fracking:

LOSING EARTH: A Recent History by Nathaniel Rich
“Rich, a novelist (KING ZENO, 2018) and journalist, turns his widely discussed 2018 investigation for the New York Times Magazine into an exceedingly well-written history of the early political battles over addressing climate change… LOSING EARTH is eloquent, devastating, and crucial.”–Booklist, starred review

THE SIXTH EXTINCTION: An Unnatural History by Elizabeth Kolbert
Winner of the Pulitzer Prize
“Throughout her extensive and passionately collected research, Kolbert offers a highly readable, enlightening report on the global and historical impact of humans… a highly significant eye-opener rich in facts and enjoyment.”–Kirkus Reviews, starred review

AMITY AND PROSPERITY: One Family and the Fracturing of America by Eliza Griswold
Winner of the Pulitzer Prize
“An important addition to the emerging genre of works about fracking and its environmental and human costs. This will find large audiences among concerned citizens and warrants the attention of public officials as well as fans of J.D. Vance’s HILLBILLY ELEGY.”–Library Journal, starred review

FORMERLY KNOWN AS FOOD: How the Industrial Food System Is Changing Our Minds, Bodies, and Culture by Kristin Lawless
“Why are so many Americans obese? Why are there so many cases of childhood diabetes and autism? Why are fertility rates down? What has changed so much in the past 100 years? Lawless, a nutritional educator, is convinced that the answers lie in the chemicals and additives now found in our environment and food… This well-researched study is sure to sound alarms and spark changes.”–Booklist

FALTER: Has the Human Game Begun to Play Itself Out? by Bill McKibben
“Profoundly compelling and enlightening, McKibben balances alarm with hope as he celebrates the climate-change resistance movement and ‘the human love that works to feed the hungry… that comes together in defense of sea turtles and sea ice, and of all else around us that is good.’”–Booklist, starred review

CLIMATE OF HOPE: How Cities, Businesses, and Citizens Can Save the Planet by Michael Bloomberg and Carl Pope
“Two seasoned experts with very different backgrounds present a practical and encouraging guide to combating global warming… Upbeat, pragmatic, eloquent, and supremely well-informed, Bloomberg and Pope present striking statistics, cogently describe diverse examples of energy reforms and innovations across the U.S. and around the world, and make clear on both personal and social levels why a low-carbon future is possible, necessary, and of great benefit to everyone.”–Booklist, starred review

THE POISONED CITY: Flint’s Water and the American Urban Tragedy by Anna Clark
“A potent cautionary tale of urban neglect and indifference. Infuriated readers will be heartened by the determined efforts of protesters and investigative reporters.”–Kirkus Reviews, starred review

THE MODERN SAVAGE: Our Unthinking Decision to Eat Animals by James McWilliams
“We must stop indulging in ‘agricultural fantasies,’ he writes, and take our compassion for animals and concern for the environment to their logical conclusion. McWilliams’ uncompromising call for plant-based food will both rile and rally readers.”–Booklist

“A brilliant and sobering collection recommended for anyone, liberal or conservative, concerned about the runaway train of climate change.”–Booklist

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