National Book Critics Circle Announces Winners for 2018 Awards

Last night, at the New School in New York, the National Book Critics Circle announced the recipients of its book awards for publishing year 2018.

The biography prize went to Christopher Bonanos for FLASH: The Making of Weegee The Famous (Henry Holt & Company), where John McWhorter says “Bonanos has written a page-turner about, of all people, a grubby loner scrambling around Manhattan taking pictures of usually humble and often dirtyish goings-on, usually after dark, and with a focus bordering on the compulsive.”

Anna Burns won for her novel, MILKMAN (Graywolf) where Lori Feathers says “as original in its presentation as it is profound in its exposition of the familiar and not so familiar terrors that daily assail its young hero, a woman who faces persistent, insidious predation, both sexual and politically motivated.”

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