Today’s Maximum Shelf Awareness pick is the “‘IT’ thriller of 2019,” “Masterful,” and “Set[s] the bar for psychological thrillers” according your librarian pals.

Alex Michaelides’s THE SILENT PATIENT lures readers in with a tantalizing premise: a woman has murdered her husband in cold blood, and then refuses to say why. The intricately plotted story, inspired by Greek mythology, is akin to a siren song, enticing, but with an ominous undertone and hints of deception. 

“Michaelides keeps the plot humming along, with impactful sentences and short chapters that straightjacket readers into flipping those pages. Even as Alicia’s case becomes more perplexing, it’s always clear Michaelides knows exactly what he’s doing as he leads us toward revelations that will be worth the wait. No surprise, then, that new Macmillan imprint Celadon chose this thriller to be its launch title, and movie rights have been sold. THE SILENT PATIENT isn’t quiet at all. It loudly announces that Alex Michaelides is a new talent in the field of psychological thrillers.”–Shelf Awareness

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