Happy Belated #BookBday (11/28/17 Edition)

We’re late to wish these two a happy #BookBday, but it’s only to keep the party going!

POISON by Galt Niederhoffer
“A married mother of three young children enjoys a state of domestic bliss until she begins to suspect her husband is trying to poison her in Niederhoffer’s latest. The novel is ominous from Page 1, and with its slow-burn peril—both psychological and physical—building nicely, the suspense is sustained until the very end.” — Kirkus Reviews

LEFT TO CHANCE by Amy Sue Nathan
No one knows why Teddi Lerner left Chance, Ohio so abruptly on the day of her best friend Celia’s funeral, but everyone knows why Teddi is back six years later. Twelve-year-old Shayna has persuaded her “Aunt Tee,” a successful photographer, to photograph her father’s wedding. “Nelson’s heroine, Teddi, is the brightest spot in the novel, balancing grief, strained relationships, and unexpected friendships. A heartwarming story about returning to a place the heart has never truly left, Nathan’s novel will appeal to fans of Jennifer Kitses, Frances O’Roark Dowell, and Mary Simses.” — Booklist

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