Look at these Cute & Furry Heroes!

Warning: the photos you’re about to view of military dogs and their handlers from the YA adaptation of WAR DOGS: Tales of Canine Heroism, History, and Love by Rebecca Frankel may give you warm fuzzies and a sense of national pride!

Staff Sergeant Robbie Whaley plays with military war dog (MWD) Boda after giving her a good grooming at Fort Carson in Colorado in December of 2011.
Layla relaxes in the arms of Cpl Brady “Pancho” Cervantes at Shir Ghazay Patrol Base, Landay Nawah County, Afghanistan. (Photo © Rita Leistner/Basetrack)

Marines’ best friend: Layla the dog. TBJ Marines on foot patrol found Layla when she was a puppy about a month and a half ago. Because of IED risk to taking her on patrols, they decided to trade her for some cigars to Cpl Brady “Pancho” Cervantes, 23, of 1/8 3rd Plt., from Dallas TX (pictured here). 2011-01-31--Shir Ghazay Patrol Base, Landay Nawah County, Afghanistan. 1st Battalion 8th Marines Bravo Company 3rd Platoon.

Combat Tracker dog Lex—who loves attention—enjoys some free time with his handler, Marine Lance Corporal John Peeler.


U.S. Air Force MWD Luck goes through an obstacle course on March 8, 2010 at Hurlburt Field, in Florida. (Photo by Staff Sergeant Sheila Devera)


WAR DOGS will be available September 6 from Griffin Teen.

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