Happy #BookBday (5/10/16 Edition)

Happy #BookBday to these all-star titles:

AMP’D by Ken Pisani
A sharp and hilarious debut novel about a man who returns to his boyhood home after his arm is amputated and falls in love with a voice on the radio. “Complete with painfully wry observations and delightfully caustic wit, this novel is a gritty exploration of what it’s like to feel incomplete in the world. All five fingers up for this bitterly satisfying tale.” — Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“Atmospheric, lyrical novel from Nobel Prize–winning writer Müller of life in Romania during the closing days of the Ceausescu dictatorship. An essential work of post–Iron Curtain literature and a harrowing portrait of life under suspicion.”
Kirkus Reviews, starred review

THE HOUSE OF DREAMS by Kate Lord Brown
A beautifully written novel based on the true-life story of Varian Fry, called “the artists’ Schindler,” who rescued thousands of Europe’s finest creative minds from certain death in WWII. “Brown brings a cinematic sensibility to her writing, making the long-ago exploits of Fry and his cohorts pulse with life, with an ever-present sense of danger looming overhead. There is much to admire about this novel and its strong cast of characters, most of all its portrayal of the cost—and legacy—of real courage.” — Booklist, starred review

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