The Nature of the Feast

NatureoftheFeast“They ate by candlelight, the candles of all shapes and sizes flickering around the kitchen. Their plates were piled high with turkey and chestnut stuffing, candied yams and potatoes, peas and gravy.” — from STILL LIFE

Readers of Louise Penny’s Inspector Armand Gamache series have come to relish the descriptions of food as much as her engrossing characters and satisfying mysteries. Minotaur Books is pleased to invite you to THE NATURE OF THE FEAST, a celebration of recipes from the world of Three Pines in a countdown to the August 30th release of the new book, A GREAT RECKONING.

Beginning today and continuing every two weeks, will share a new recipe inspired from each book in the series, complete with photos and an open discussion forum. You’re always welcome to join any current or past discussion of any of the recipes.

THE NATURE OF THE FEAST recipe/discussion schedule:

Now Cooking: Roast Turkey and Chestnut Stuffing from STILL LIFE
April 5: Steak Frites with Mayonnaise from A FATAL GRACE
April 19: Sugar Pie from THE CRUELEST MONTH
May 3: Homemade Lemonade from A RULE AGAINST MURDER
May 17: Pain Doré from THE BRUTAL TELLING
May 31: French Onion Soup from BURY YOUR DEAD
June 14: Grilled Garlic Shrimp from A TRICK OF THE LIGHT
June 28: Cheese and Leek Dish with a Crunchy Crumble Top from THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY
July 12: Trifle from HOW THE LIGHT GETS IN
July 26: Chocolate and Raspberry Mousse from THE LONG WAY HOME
August 9: Apple and Avocado Salsa with Honey-Lime Dressing from THE NATURE OF THE BEAST

Bon Appetit!

9 thoughts on “The Nature of the Feast

  1. I have read all of Louise Penny’s books and am looking forward to the upcoming publication of her latest!

  2. I absolutely love the deep insight into human motivations and consequences, both positive and negative, that even the smallest concealment may produce. This is almost like a fascinating and compelling course in psychology where you can’t stand to put the textbooks down (literally unheard of in real life).

  3. I absolutely love the food ideas in the Gamache series and keep a list of them on my phone as I read thru the books. I haven’t been able to find “The Nature of the Feast, so I thank you profoundly for these recipes. I can’t wait to try them!

  4. Garlic shrimp has become our go-to recipe. Our neighbour, who prides herself as a great chef, loves this dish and asks for it whenever she comes for dinner

  5. Recently discovered this recipe site and have to recommend the French Canadian Pea Soup! It’s outstanding!

  6. I just found this site. I have often thought I’d like some of those recipes. The food is so much a part of the stories so it makes sense to make them available. I did google the recipe for a sugar pie and it’s on my list of desserts to make.

  7. After having read and re-read most of Louise Penny’s Ganache Books, it is only recently that I have come across this site. What a wonderful idea and brilliantly presented. I would appreciate if you can guide me as to where I might find these recipes, with accompanying stories, in book form. What a wonderful gift for a Louise Penny follower.
    As I am originally from Quebec, I am looking forward to visiting Knowlton this summer inspired by the images she so beautifully paints with her words.

  8. My hubby turned me on to these wonderful books and I have read them all, it to “A Better Man,” which I’m currently devouring. I hadn’t realized there were recipes available, too– what a find! Thanks so much, Louise, for making these recipes available.
    I have already fallen in love with Quebec from your books; now I can fall in love with its food, right here at home in Oregon!

  9. On a recent trip to South Carolina, My husband and I found a wonderful locally owned bookstore. The owner of the store told me about Louise Penny ( she gave me a copy of Fatal Grace) and I’ve been hooked ever since. I love the descriptions of the food and the atmosphere of the bistro, I now look forward to reading the cook book cover to cover!

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