In Love with Reading… About Love

I’m a closeted romantic, but only when it comes to film.

My favorite movies include the THE PROPOSAL (who can resist Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock?), THE WEDDING DATE (based on the book, ASKING FOR TROUBLE), BRIDGET JONES’S DIARY, and SOMEONE LIKE YOU (based on the book, ANIMAL HUSBANDRY). I can watch these movies over and over no matter how improbable the situations depicted in them may be.

How was I to know that if these sort of  “I can’t  believe I’ve been in love with my best friend this whole time” or “I can’t believe that my sworn enemy is my soul mate” scenarios appeared in books that they may prove just as irresistible to me as their film counterparts?

Well, it wasn’t until I read Leisa Rayven’s BAD ROMEO, BROKEN JULIET , WICKED HEART & M. Pierce’s NIGHT OWL and LAST LIGHT (back to back, in one sitting each!) that I was hooked on love and in love with reading about love.  I couldn’t get enough of love! I didn’t care who or how they fell in love, I just wanted more…love.

Next up is Sylvia Day’s ONE WITH YOU.  But my dear readers, what should I read after that?




PS Check out these adorably clever Valentine’s Day-themed e-cards from our Library Journal pals.

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