Rock Music + Time Travel + Romance = Every Anxious Wave

Friends, we’re absolutely obsessed with Mo Daviau’s debut novel, EVERY ANXIOUS WAVE. The concept had us hooked, then we found out the author is a former librarian. AND she wrote a sweet letter to y’all:

Hello Librarian!

I used to be a librarian and archivist (I’m University of Texas School of Information Class of ’02). Perhaps it was my professional duty of preserving items from the past for use in the future that created the deep sense of nostalgia that I carried into writing EVERY ANXIOUS WAVE, in which a kind-hearted bartender sells time travel trips to famous rock shows and falls in love with the astrophysics grad student he hires to fish his buddy out of the way-too-distant past. There isn’t even a button on the control panel to program the wormhole to go to the future. They’re all about looking backwards. I was, too, at one point in my life. In fact, it was my actual job.

As my librarianship career was firmly in the camp of nostalgia and preservation, I never really got a taste of the work of librarians in service to the future—public services and reference and acquisitions—the librarian superheroes who work closely enough with the reading public that you get to tell them all about the great new books that are coming down the pike. But you get to! And that’s pretty dang cool.

I hope you enjoy my novel, either now, or in the future, or maybe in the past? As librarians are the closest thing we have to time travel salespeople, I believe you could pull it off.

With much gratitude,
Mo Daviau

Did we mention that the e-galley is available on Edelweiss? You can download it, read it, and nominate it for LibraryReads!

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