Friday Reads: Woof Edition

We’re still basking in the glow of yesterday’s National Cat Day, but let’s give some love to our other furry, four-legged friend:

BUSTER: The Military Dog Who Saved a Thousand Lives by Will Barrow & Isabel George
The #1 international bestselling heroic and heartwarming story of an RAF bomb-sniffing dog told by his best friend and handler. Fun facts about Buster (besides how the English Springer Spaniel has saved thousands of lives):
* He has served five tours of duty in three theatres of war (Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan)—more than any other military dog.
* He won the prestigious Crufts Friends for Life Award in 2012.
* He has become the official lifetime mascot of the RAF Police, the only dog in history to have been honored in that manner.

CRUSOE, THE CELEBRITY DACHSHUND: Adventures of the Wiener Dog Extraordinaire by Ryan Beauchesne
Crusoe may be a small dog, but he’s a big deal—talented, ridiculously photogenic, and proud of his larger-than-life personality and stunning fashion sense, as his many thousands of loyal followers can attest. Just look at how adorable he was on Good Morning America this week! And don’t get us started on his amazing Halloween costumes!

Share your #FridayReads with us @MacmillanLib. Happy weekend and Happy Halloween!

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